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Last Day to get Essays on Film FREE for Kindle

My eBook Essays on Film is FREE for Kindle on Amazon, today only! Features the following:

“On Viewing Hans Richter’s Rhythmus 21″: The search for cinematic meaning in one of the most famous early German avant-garde films.

The Perfect Filmic Appositiveness of Jack Smith”: Impressions of the films of one of cinema’s most eccentric auteurs.

Prefer the audiobook? Essays on Film is also available in audio on Audible, Amazon, and ITunes.


Essays on Film Audiobook




Careful: A Love Story for the Middle-Aged is FREE through Monday, 8/13

“On bad days I wondered how old people ever even did it. Sometimes walking seemed like too much effort, let alone all the aerobicized contortionism that went with sex.”

My short romance Careful: A Love Story for the Middle-Aged is FREE for Kindle on Amazon through Monday, August 13th. Prefer the audiobook? It’s also available on Audible, Amazon, and Itunes!


Last Day to get Sex! in the Bible FREE for Kindle

Ever wonder what The Bible really says about homosexuality? About adultery, chastity, and incest? If you’re interested in sex and the history of sexuality like me, you may be surprised by just what’s contained in those two testaments – and the impact those words have had upon our society down to this day.

Sex! in the Bible is FREE through Monday, August 6th. Download your copy today!

As always, the book is also FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Sex in the Bible

Squirrel Revolution! A Speculative Fiction Short Story is FREE through Monday

A small-town sheriff notices unusual behavior among the local squirrels in this whimsical look at the long-term evolutionary effects of human activities on our furry little neighbors. Available as a FREE Kindle download on Amazon through Monday, August 6th!

Squirrel Revolution 2018