Hundreds of millions of women worldwide are struggling with diagnoses of debilitating and difficult-to-treat disorders such as arthritis, depression, fibromyalgia, and chronic pain and fatigue. Many of them, however, do not actually have these life-altering conditions. They are suffering from low iron, a highly treatable nutrient deficiency that, if corrected, would entirely eliminate their pain and depressive symptoms. Sadly, most of them will never know it.

It’s the Iron: How My Iron Deficiency Anemia Was Misdiagnosed as Disabling Arthritis, and Why Your Depression, Fibromyalgia, and Chronic Pain and Fatigue Might Be Low Iron, Too details the story of my own misdiagnosis and relates how, after five long years of unbelievable physical pain and emotional anguish, I recovered in just a few weeks with the help of iron. Part personal history, and part medical treatise, the book discloses, through patient histories and scientific evidence, how and why the remarkably common but oft-hidden state of iron deficiency is frequently mistaken for other conditions.

It’s the Iron is the first book to uncover this major public health issue that affects many millions. I’m very passionate about this project and can’t wait to release it! Alas, a book of this type requires a copious amount of writing and research, and it will be some months yet before it’s complete. You can keep track of my progress by subscribing to my newsletter or following my blog, both of which I will be updating with snippets from the book as well as interesting bits of research I’ve uncovered in the course of my quest. In the meantime, feel free to check out the useful links I’ve provided below, or send me an email at lorilschafer(at)outlook(dot)com – I’d love to hear your story, too!

Patient health discussion forums – patient.info and healthboards.com.

Support groups for depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and iron deficiency anemia.


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