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Last Day to Get “In the End: Short Fiction by Lori Schafer” FREE for Kindle

Today is the last day to download In the End: Short Fiction by Lori Schafer for FREE for Kindle.

It was coming at last.

The end of all things.

All but the darkness…

Everything comes to an end. Lives and loves, joy and innocence, peoples and nations; nothing is spared. Even our own world must one day bid us farewell.

In this collection of short fiction, author Lori Schafer examines these ends – how they occur, why they occur, and what they mean to us when they do. Features author commentary on selected pieces.

In the End eBook 2



Last Day to Get “Waiting: A Story of Apocalypse” FREE for Kindle

Today is the last day to download Waiting: A Story of Apocalypse by Craig Reinhardt for FREE for Kindle.

This long short story was originally inspired by the History Channel program Life After People. The premise of the show is not to examine the potential causes of the end of humanity, but rather “what happens to the world we leave behind.”

It’s a fascinating program. It details the fates of our roads, our cities, our buildings, even our family pets and other creatures who depend upon us for a living. It quite often comes to the rather disturbing conclusion that in a pretty short space of planetary time – mere hundreds of years, not thousands – we will be completely forgotten by an Earth that may fare better without us. While in this story I ultimately chose not to focus on the mechanics of the destruction of the trappings of humanity, but rather on what it does to the main character, I think the former offers a world of interesting possibilities for post-apocalyptic literature and I look forward to returning to this subject in the near future.

“Waiting” tells the story of a middle-aged misanthrope who witnesses this degeneration, who lives long enough to see how quickly humanity can fail, how insufficient its infrastructure is in the case of a massive disaster. But what place is there for a person in a world without people?


Last Day to Get “Managing Cash When You Haven’t Any” FREE for Kindle

Today is the last day to get Volume 1 of my business series, Managing Cash When You Haven’t Got Any: Practical Cash Flow Strategies for Small Business FREE for Kindle. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified of future sales.


Are you struggling to make payroll?

Are your vendors going unpaid and threatening to cut off your supplies?

Are your subcontractors refusing to work unless you pay them up front, worsening your already precarious cash situation?

Are your company credit cards and lines of credit maxed out, with no hope of borrowing more?

Are your employees getting irritable because you’ve reduced their benefits, and it’s been years since they’ve had a raise?

Are you getting irritable because you’re constantly worried about money?

Are you racking up interest and late fees on your debts, making it impossible for you to ever catch up?

Do you find yourself thinking, “I know we would be fine if only we could only get out of this hole!”

If so, the Managing Cash When You Haven’t Got Any series is for you!

You’ll find no abstract theory here, no conceptual finance; instead YOU WILL LEARN PRACTICAL, REAL-WORLD STRATEGIES FOR MANAGING CASH WHEN YOU HAVE NEXT-TO-NO-CASH TO MANAGE. I honed these strategies myself over ten years of handling the finances of multiple companies that were at serious risk of going under during the recession. The failing businesses survived, the borderline ones thrived, and the reason was clear to us all – it’s because careful cash flow management really can turn around a desperate business, even when it isn’t making enough money to pay its own bills and those of its owners.

In this first volume of the series, I address the issue of Dealing with Vendors. I’ll tell you HOW TO TALK TO YOUR VENDORS, what they really want to hear to keep your account going, how to ensure that you pay them just enough to keep them from cutting you off. I’ll tell you how to schedule outgoing payments so that they better fit with your incoming cash, and how to compromise with your vendors so that your payment schedule meshes better with theirs. I’ll explain the CRUCIAL IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A CASH MANAGEMENT PLAN and how having such a plan will ease the fears of your creditors even when you’re unable to pay them in full or on time. Finally, I’ll address how “BIG PICTURE” STRATEGIZING of your expenses and Accounts Payable can improve your cash flow, drastically reduce collection calls, and decrease strain on company personnel, making your business run more pleasantly as well as more successfully.


REMINDER: Today is the LAST DAY to get Volume 1 of the series FREE for Kindle. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified of future sales.


On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened on sale for $0.99 through 1/3

The Kindle version of my award-winning mental illness memoir On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness is now on sale for just $0.99 through Tuesday, January 3rd. As always, the book is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.