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Do They Know It’s Christmas?

My favorite Christmas song – it moves me every time. Sadly, it’s still relevant thirty years later.





Wishing You and Yours a Very Grinchy Christmas!

I mean that in the good way… after he stops being all evil and stuff ;)


Jane Loves Snoopy

Some time ago I agreed to babysit a pet rat. Owing to circumstances beyond my control, it became a more or less permanent arrangement. She has, however, provided me with some solid amusement – such as this Christmas season moment.

Here’s What’s on Top of My Christmas Tree – What’s on Yours?


That’s right – I have my very own Abominable Snow Monster! For years now he’s been coming by once a year in order to place a star on top of my tree. Is it wrong that this is my favorite part of Christmas? I’m neither very sentimental nor very religious, but somehow seeing the Abominable hovering at the top of my tree fills me with… well, I guess you’d have to call it Christmas spirit. So what’s on the top of your Christmas tree?