Living and Working on the Road

What with all the pictures, you might think I’m one of those people who is a fanatic with a camera. Not so. In fact, before my trip to Oxnard last month, I had fewer than fifty photos total of all of my travels from the past twenty years. I had never taken a photo with my phone, and never shot a video with my digital camera. Since when does a phone take pictures? Since when does a photo camera make videos? Why didn’t anyone inform me about this?

I guess I’m a bit – by which I mean years – behind the times. These are the first two videos I recorded, and boy, does it show! Not only was I unaware just how shaky “handheld” would be, I also evidently kept forgetting that in video mode, you can’t just turn the camera sideways for portrait view. Whoops.

Well, they may not win any Oscars, but in the interest of not messing with my trip record, I decided to leave them as is. The first is an exploration of my new home office – the cab of my truck. The second shows how I’ve been utilizing voice recognition software to “write” on the road. They may not be pretty, but I hope they’re at least informative.

* * *

If you would like to see more videos from my cross-country travels, please check out my new YouTube channel:

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3 thoughts on “Living and Working on the Road

  1. Charli Mills

    How awesome is all that! Lori Schafer, the techno-traveling writer! You have a car coffee pot–fabulous! I was late to recognizing the cameras on phones and my first (of three) videos is wobbly and windy! Write on and drive on!



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