Join Me Under the Arches! Photos from Arches National Park in Utah.



Sheep Rock – Notice the resemblance.


Courthouse Towers.


This one reminds me of the formations in the Valley of the Gods. He sure looks like he’s watching over us, doesn’t he?


Window Rock

Windows Arch – with people. Lots of people.




I don’t think this one has a name, but I’d call it “Poisonous Mushroom Rock.”


This looks like a playground – best one ever!




Is is just me, or do I have kind of a Mona Lisa thing going on here?


Sometimes it’s the striations that make the rock…


Tunnel Arch(es)


View from the Visitor Center. Makes you want to climb the mountain, doesn’t it?


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4 thoughts on “Join Me Under the Arches! Photos from Arches National Park in Utah.

    1. lorilschafer Post author

      I’m not much of a one for the dreaded “selfie,” but I was hoping to get a sense of scale going – little me and the big arch behind me. Except I left the “zoom” on – whoops. Turned out to be kind of a funky picture, but at least I didn’t have my mouth hanging open, or one eye closed, as I usually do in photographs :)



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