Nevada Landscapes

Nevada, being largely desert, is one of the emptier states. Many of the cities and towns actually lie on the borders with other states – taking advantage of the built-in markets for gambling, which is legal and widespread in Nevada.

But once you leave the gambling meccas of Reno, Las Vegas, and the like, most of the rest of the state looks like this:

Nevada Landscape 1

Bare brown hills…

Nevada Landscape 3

Bare brown mountains…

Nevada Landscape 5

And bare beige hills and mountains. The color – or lack thereof – really stands out here, as becomes very apparent when you move on to redder areas like Arizona or Utah. Earth tones seem to permeate the atmosphere itself.

Nevada Landscape 6

And even the greens of the sagebrush and other plants appear muted, almost blending into the desert floor.

Nevada Landscape 2


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5 thoughts on “Nevada Landscapes

      1. Charli Mills

        Definitely! There’s no other place like the basin and range country with all its towering (beige or gray) mountains and crazy geological anomalies. And, it’s home to buckaroos!


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