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The Loneliest Road – Photos


How wonderful it is to be completely alone sometimes…

Telephone Poles

Just me and the telephone poles…

Rock "Graffiti" Along Highway 50

Rock “graffiti” along Highway 50 in Nevada. There’s miles and miles of it – “signatures” assembled from dark rocks on the desert sand. What a creative way of leaving your mark! I considered making one of my own – but I thought this question mark spoke pretty well for me…

Loneliest Road II

It was a dark and stormy night on The Loneliest Road – with no cars in sight.

Highway 50 Sign

I spent my last night in Nevada in a mid-sized (for Nevada) town called Ely, which is at the eastern end of The Loneliest Road. I slept in the parking lot of a casino, which are often good places to sleep because they have round-the-clock traffic and it’s fairly easy to escape notice, at least in low-security venues. This one also had a readily-accessible bathroom – and the above sign in its front lobby.


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