2 thoughts on “In Celebration of D-Day

  1. nick iuppa

    Great video, Laurie. Extremely well done. Fabulous color footage. Great sentiment too. My dad was in WWII, served as a battlefield surgeon. Landed on Normandie on D-Day minus 10. Not the first wave but still part of the effort. Dad died young… heart problems… probably as the result of wartime trauma. But he would have loved the video and the footage.

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    1. lorilschafer Post author

      I think it’s all the more important to remember WWII now that that generation is passing away and its horrors are gradually slipping out of our collective memory. It’s nice that the digital age has made it possible to preserve those events in such a visual, visceral way. I’m sure your Dad would have been happy to know that, seventy years later, his contribution to the war effort was still so greatly appreciated.



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