British vs. American English Usage

Found this on Writer’s Digest, courtesy of Jennifer Frost at GrammarCheck. It should prove useful for anyone who has ever been confused by the differences in English that exist “across the pond.” I know it took me forever to figure out that when the British say they’re doing “maths” it’s not an error! Hope it helps you Brits understand we Americans a little better, too :)

This infographic is courtesy of Jennifer Frost of GrammarCheck. Visit them online at or check out the free online grammar checker at for proofreading help. Any Specific Marketing Material You Want Included in the Post (include its URL to the shop): Baihley Grandison is the associate editor of Writer’s Digest and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @baihleyg, where she mostly tweets about…

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5 thoughts on “British vs. American English Usage

  1. Annecdotist

    Very amusing, Lori. I thought I was accustomed to our differences across the Atlantic, but I hadn’t realised how you use vest (for us, it’s a sleeveless T-shirt) or overalls (we use the word I think generally for a garment with long sleeves, also known as a boiler suit). Also, I still can’t get to grips with the American yard, as for us it can mean the space out the back of the house, but this is usually paved over.

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  2. Norah

    Hi Lori, As an Aussie, I found this quite interesting. I thought we were more aligned with the British, The “more” is probably right, but I notice that in some things we agree with the American. There are even some things for which we have a third term. It’s a wonder we can understand each other at all! But we do. Thankfully. :)

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    1. Archon's Den

      Like Lori and the Aussies, we Canadians are also caught in the middle, between Old Blighty, and that blighter Trump. We’re neither fish nor fowl, nor good red meat, but forever ‘translating.’ We assure the Americans that we’re not English, and reassure the Brits that we’ve not succumbed to being Americans.
      As the psychologists’ joke says, “I wonder what he meant by that?” :lol:

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