The Story Shares Literacy Project

Last year I participated in the Story Shares Literacy Project, an innovative program that seeks to make unique reading materials available to teens and young adults who struggle with reading. The concept behind the project is to create short books on subjects that would be of interest to readers in this age group, but at the appropriate skill level. You can read more about my experience with the project on the Story Shares blog:

Think you might be interested in creating a story of your own for the project? Check out the 2015 Relevant Reads Story of the Year Contest:

You can also read my story Brother No More here:


5 thoughts on “The Story Shares Literacy Project

  1. nickiuppa

    Just finished reading Brother No More. A very powerful story conveyed in simple sentences with a limited vocabulary. I guess it proves many things: what a good writer Lori is, and especially how strong emotions don’t require big words or complex phrasing to really grab readers and help us share the experience. Great job Lori. Makes me want to try this kind of work.

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    1. lorilschafer Post author

      It’s funny you should mention that, Nick – it reminded me very much of my flash fiction style, which, owing to its nature, places restrictions on the use of words and language. I bet simplified versions of your work would go over very well with this audience, if you were inclined to give it a try :)



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