In Which She Talks About Herself in the Third Person

So here it is – two firsts. My very first radio interview, which I’ve announced in my very first press release:

Award-winning memoirist Lori Schafer to appear on BlogTalkRadio show “Giving Voice to Your Story” on Thursday, June 4th

Author Lori Schafer will give her first live interview concerning her award-winning memoir On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened on “Giving Voice to Your Story” on Thursday, June 4th at 11 am EDT. Schafer, whose memoir recounts her terrifying adolescent experience of her mother’s psychosis, won a spot on Dorit Sasson’s BlogTalkRadio program through a contest on the popular writer’s blog “The Write Life” earlier this year.

“I’m excited, but also a bit nervous,” Schafer admitted. “Dorit and I only met through the contest, so we don’t know each other at all. I have no idea what she’s going to ask me. It’s like a job interview – I’ll mostly be winging it and hoping to make a good impression on listeners.”

Schafer has high hopes for the interview, however. In fact, it was Sasson’s program that inspired her to begin a BlogTalkRadio show of her own.

“I’m currently looking at a fall start date,” she affirmed. “I had hoped to begin sooner, but my schedule has been so full this year that I had to postpone it.”

Schafer is planning an eclectic program featuring readings from her own work, discussion panels on topics of interest to readers and writers, and interviews like the one Sasson will be conducting with the author.

“I’m truly appreciative of this opportunity to interview with Dorit. Radio is a very different way of interacting with an audience, and I’m really looking forward to experiencing that. But the format feels strange to me – it isn’t like writing, where you get the chance to edit and re-edit your words if they come out wrong the first or second or twentieth time. Live is live – you only get one shot at getting it right.”

Schafer’s memoir has recently been the subject of critical acclaim. It was awarded a Gold Medal in the 2015 eLit Book Awards and was a finalist in both the National Indie Excellence and International Book Awards competitions.

“It’s a fascinating book, not only because of its subject matter, but because of its non-linear narrative structure. It will be interesting to discuss from both a literary and a psychological perspective.”

Listeners can tune in to the thirty-minute program live or listen to the podcast, which will be archived after the show airs at the following link:

Listeners are also encouraged to call in with questions and comments.

“I’ve really enjoyed discussing my book with readers on social media,” Schafer says. “But it can be hard to have a real conversation in 140 characters or less!”

Schafer, who originally intended to shy away from requests for live interviews, now welcomes them.

“Reader response to my memoir has been simply amazing. People have been incredibly supportive, but what’s really moved me have been the number of folks who have come forward to share their stories with me. It’s as if they, too, have been keeping this dark family secret and are glad to have someone finally reveal it.”

Schafer’s memoir is available in paperback at retailers worldwide and in eBook exclusively on ( Interested parties may visit her website at for further information.

Dorit Sasson Interview

7 thoughts on “In Which She Talks About Herself in the Third Person

  1. TanGental

    I am sure you’ll be great, especially if you have the chance to sneak out the Shaffer chuckle! That’ll endear you to your audience. I fully expect to fail to remember about this so please post a link to the podcast (I’m sure you were going to)!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Charli Mills

    It’s (marketing) smart to have a press room on one’s website. And I’m impressed that you do have a Media Room! I think most writers do find it odd to write in third person, but we need to do so to craft many components of our marketing from bios t press releases. You wrote a good one! Weird side note but I was once selected for a writing contest along with Dorit Sasson and her story won over mine. :-) Congratulations on your winning and your interview on her blog! I will listen to it when I go to town and have access to internet that actually streams. Keep working on your blog radio! The time you take to set it up will pay off eventually.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Annecdotist

    Fabulous, Lori – both nailing the interview and the press release. It is kind of odd to write about yourself in the third person, but it’s what we do already for bios, so just an extension of that. But I know the quotes help, giving journalists the opportunity to make out they’ve done an interview without the work! Look forward to listening in to the radio interview.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Norah

    This sounds exciting, if rather daunting. Congratulations on securing the opportunity. I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’ll be talking about you and your experiences. I’m intrigued to hear about you starting your own blogtalkradio show and will be interested to find out more about it.

    Liked by 1 person


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