Plastic Bottles and the Kaiser – a plea #1000speak @1000speak

I was even-more-than-usually-impressed by this post by Geoff Le Pard for this month’s #1000Speak project. Geoff’s incisive analysis of bullying on international as well as individual levels will make you re-think the very basis of bullying – and what we can do to stop it.



I’ve often wondered at the way the world is set up and the conflicts inherent in it. History, power, colonialism, they have all had a part to play in the dominance of nations and nation states in the current construct. Stemming from the idea of the balance of power following the gradual collapse of the empires that dominated Europe before the eighteenth century and formally embodied in the concept of the United Nations post WW2, we live in a world where control is dictated by and between Nations. And what we see is how power is everything, and when it is out of balance, we see bullying.

Sometimes there is a breaking down of the barrier put up by nations – in the EU for instance – but the more some barriers shrink the greater the call for a new set of powers and controls, just with a wider set of…

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