Feral Skunk

You’ve heard of feral cats, but feral skunks? True, I’m afraid – if you can’t tell by the smell. In my backyard they like to trade off taking advantage of the well-protected nest in the woodpile. A new litter of kittens with their mom is inevitably followed by a new litter of baby skunks with theirs! This one was on its own, but you can bet pretty soon we’ll be seeing a black-and-white caravan trailing up and down the hill.

4 thoughts on “Feral Skunk

  1. TanGental

    Not sure why but I’ve always been fascinated by skunks. Never seen one – not even in a zoo which adds to their mystique. I suppose it is their awesome scent – the idea of something so appalling is attractive – like not really believing it can be that bad despite all the evidence to the contrary. Lovely bit of film. We have spiders in our woodpile and some fabulous beetles but that’s really it.



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