Reno – The Biggest Little City in the World!

Reno Biggest Little City

Got a late start my first day out – very late. Wound up spending the night in Reno. Ah, good ol’ Reno – The Biggest Little City in the World!

The El Dorado

The El Dorado Casino. Strange, but I’ve never struck gold there!

Streets of Reno

The quiet streets of Reno on a Monday night.

Reno Sidewalk

Reno sidewalk awash in the glow of a casino. Amazing how blinking lights can beautify a city!

Pawn Shop

An all-too-common sight in gambling towns – the pawn shop.


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7 thoughts on “Reno – The Biggest Little City in the World!

  1. Charli Mills

    Oh, Reno! I grew up south of there and across the border in Markleeville. If you hike the Pacific Crest Trail in that area, you can see those twinkling lights. I once watched them from Raymond Peak when I camped up there after riding the trail with my horse and mule. I used to think those lights were so beautiful, especially up close if we ever went into the city. Usually we went to Carson City or Tahoe, though. What great photos! Pinterest, eh? I haven’t figured out what to do with that one, yet. Definitely following you along.


    1. lorilschafer Post author

      Oh, yeah – I mean, I know Reno is supposed to be tacky – and it is, of course – but I, for one, have always preferred it to Vegas, and darn it, blinking lights remind me of Christmas trees, and who doesn’t like those? Didn’t know you were a CA girl – you must know that area way better than I do, being from New England and all. I have been to Idaho a number of times, though – Craters of the Moon is one of my favorite parks :)

      I didn’t know what to do with Pinterest, either, when I looked into it months ago. But then I realized that I now have WAY too many photos to squeeze into my blog, and it seemed like a good place to post the excess :)

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      1. Charli Mills

        Fifth-gen CA girl, even! My family is from the San Benito County area–Hollister, Gilroy, San Juan, Paicines, Tres Pinos. I like being back out west. New England is nice, I love Maine. Well, I love lobsters! The coast is beautiful. Like twinkling lights! Excess photos, that would be a good idea. :-)

        Liked by 1 person

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