My Nikon & My Curry – Climate Change

Our everyday behaviors are the reason we’re getting nowhere on climate change.

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My Nikon & My Curry My Nikon & My Curry

Now, I love my Nikon. I really do. I have had it for 8 years now, and I refused to add to the pile of e-waste. But, sometime this year, or the next, I shall upgrade. Anyway, this is not about my Nikon.

This is the month of the Roza, and I was in Jama Masjid early one morning, to take some photos, and to wolf down some fabulous nehari curry. Therefore, the chai has been replaced by curry!

A few days later, I was at a conference, in which the French Minister of something or the other spoke about climate change, and the need for us to take drastic action. He had to leave relatively quickly, because he had to meet our Prime Minister, and then a bunch of well meaning senior and well-respected dudes proceeded to engage the audience in a round table debate…

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