I’m with Stupid

I found this poem by L.M. Robbins on Koobug the other day. For some reason it really spoke to me ;)

Reprinted with permission of the author.

‘I’m with Stupid.’

By L.M. Robbins.

Fools come in all colours;
All shapes;
All sizes and gender.
Young, Old;
And those in between;
Rich man; Poor man,
Kings and Queens.
The drunk as-a-skunk,
The sober as a judge,
The ‘if only’,
The ‘could’ve’ and ‘should’ve’;
The ‘why-not-me’.
The obtuse, the erudite;
The observers of Mars;
The down ‘n’ outs,
The movie stars.
All do foolish things.
The list is far too long,
and I have little time.
On the list you’ll find me,
Half way down the roll-call,
Under the large sub-heading:
‘The Biggest Fools of All.’


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