Models Wanted for Erotica eBook Cover!

Are you big and beautiful? Would you like an opportunity to be featured as an eBook cover model? Submit your image for the chance to be selected for the cover of my upcoming erotica eBook, Me and Fat Marge!

Me and Fat Marge is an erotic short story that’s probably unlike any other work of erotica you’ve ever read. Yes, it is sexually explicit, but it’s written in my trademark style, which I call erotica with a sense of humor. This brief (non-explicit) excerpt ought to give you the general flavor:

“Thanks, honey,” Brent says placatingly. “But you know I can’t do that again so soon, right?” He lays a hand on his wiener and flops it helplessly towards her, its magnificent purple splendor reduced now to the color and consistency of a very fat earthworm. It’s not the most appealing sight, but Marge keeps staring at it as if it’s the gourmet concoction she’s been yearning for all along.
“More!” she insists.

Still interested? Great! My plan was to release this as a free eBook on Amazon and other outlets in order to generate exposure for my novels. But when I started thinking about what I was going to do for a cover, it occurred to me – Hey! Why not also make the cover an opportunity for someone else to expose themselves? (Pun totally intended.)

So here’s the deal. You provide the digital image and give me an unrestricted license to use it for this project. In return, I promise to promote you on my website, on my social media channels, and in the eBook itself, where, if desired, I will include links to your social media profiles and your bio, which I will be happy to edit for you if it needs polishing. There will also be an opportunity for the model whose image is selected to do a reading of the story for my YouTube channel should she wish to do so.

As I intend to release this as a free eBook, I can’t offer you monetary compensation for use of your image. However, it will give you some great exposure and a really cool credit to add to your resume, which could be incredibly useful if you’re seeking work as a model or actress or just need a little something extra to beef up your portfolio. And entering the competition will require very little effort on your part – you may simply email your name and the image you would like to use to me at lorilschafer(at)outlook(dot) com and I will select the winner from among those who enter.

I should mention that I have no conception of what Marge should look like, or even what kind of pose she should occupy, although I’m imagining that most likely she’ll be reclined. My advice is to read through the story and see what it inspires. You can read the entire piece here, where it was originally published in the very cool Erotic Review Magazine:

Bear in mind also that your image will need to be of a high enough quality to work as an eBook cover, so the resolution has to be pretty good. In addition, you will have to certify that you own the rights to license it, so likely you won’t be able to re-use an image you’ve sold elsewhere. And, of course, since it will appear on Amazon and other publicly accessible websites, it must also be suitably tasteful – provocative but lacking outright nudity.

If there’s sufficient interest, I may even turn this into a full-fledged feature on my website so that I can promote and display the photos of everyone who enters. If it goes well, I may also want to do similar promotions for some of my other upcoming short story eBooks, such as The Hannelack Fanny; Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Rump (I’ll let you imagine what kind of picture I’ll be looking for there).

Feel free to email me at lorilschafer(at)outlook(dot)com with any questions you may have. I will actively be promoting my model search on Twitter if you wish to follow me there @LoriLSchafer. I look forward to seeing your photos – and hopefully finding the new face of one of my most unique – and personable – story characters, Marge!

Erotic Review Magazine

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