I’m Going to Be a Featured Author on The Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette Next Month!

Please note: Contains adult content.


For one week next month, publisher Guy Hogan (@GuyHogan) will feature four of my erotic flash fiction stories on his magazine’s front page, as well as an interview with me. Needless to say, I’m honored. Guy recently redesigned the Gazette so that it looks prettier than ever, and I think it’ll be really neat seeing all my work up there at once, fancy as all get out.

The four stories featured will be:

“To All the Penises I’ve Ever Known”

“Last Date”

“Ballroom Dance”

“Missed Connection”

The first three have been published in the Gazette over the last nine months; the final piece is making its debut with the special.

I’m not going to tell you what I’ll be discussing in my interview, but you’ll definitely be seeing a side of me you haven’t before. Guy originally asked me for my answers to the questions he asked Anna Bayes in his feature Anna Bayes Uncensored. This is how I replied:

Why do women suck c**k and swallow c*m?
Smoking is bad for you. So are corn dogs. C**k is the healthy alternative when you want something long, warm, and tasty in your mouth.
Most women prefer to swallow c*m when they can. It cuts down on both the laundry and the mopping.

Advice on eating p***y?
Try it with a side of ice cream.

For some reason he decided to make my questions harder ;)

I’m not sure exactly when the Gazette will be running my feature, but I’ll be sure to post when it does. Hope to see you there!

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