eRomance Publication and Author Commentary: Careful

This story is actually an excerpt from my first novel, My Life with Michael: A Story of Sex and Beer for the Middle-Aged, currently out on query. The piece has been heavily modified to make it self-contained, but the theme is essentially the same as that of my book: how aging changes our view of sex and romance and the people with whom we want to share those things.

It’s a cute story, I think; one of my sweeter pieces. Many of my romantic short stories carry an undertone of heartache (it’s only my erotica that’s funny), and it amuses me to have written something so light and fluffy, almost as if I were becoming sentimental myself in my old age. Shh, don’t tell anyone!

Anyway, “Careful” is about a newish couple in their mid-forties and how the two of them relate to one another when the male character suffers a back injury. My favorite line from this story? This one:   
“So he let me help him out of his shoes and shirt and pants, and then I wiggled myself into the lacy pink chemise that delicately covered up my sagging this and drooping that while he scooted awkwardly up into the bed and under the covers.”
Paints quite the romantic picture, doesn’t it? :)

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